Why You Should Care About CRI

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Why You Should Care About CRI

Why CRI is important to your facility

When looking over a lighting product spec sheet, you will most likely see a "CRI" rating listed on the top. When purchasing lighting fixtures, many will either overlook this specification or abide by the "the higher the number, the better" mentality. CRI is an important aspect when deciding which fixture to place in a facility. Here are three things you should absolutely know before you sign that purchase order.

What is CRI?

CRI stands for Color Rendering Index. The number reflected on spec sheets indicates how closely the light will render color based on natural daylight on a scale from 1 to 100. The closer the number is to 100, the more natural a color will render. Below is a spectral power distribution graph for sunlight, LED, incandescent, and CFL.

You can see that daylight will render ALL of color wavelengths of the spectrum.

What CRI means for LED fixtures.

The closer the CRI rating is to 100, the more the LED's spectral power distribution will mimic natural daylight and the better sight you will have when trying to see details. LED fixtures with different CRI can be used in all types of buildings for different purposes.

A lot of research and scientific effort has gone towards increasing the color rendering qualities of LED lamps. There are now a large variety of LEDs with excellent color rendering available in the industry.

Why CRI is important to your facility.

CRI should play an important role when creating a lighting plan for your facility. Not only does CRI impact quality control (making errors stand out, correctly displaying colors/textures, etc.), it also effects the performance and overall attitude of people in the indoor environment. According to a study on the Effects of LED Color Temperature on Office Workers, employees perform more efficiently with a higher CRI when dealing with task specific responsibilities. Participants also noted that they felt less fatigue set in compared to lower CRI environments. 

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