Modular Connectivity Will Save You & Your Business Time

Why Investing In A Fixture With Modular Connectivity Is Crucial.

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We all know that time is our most valuable resource. The more of it we can get back the better. Your business can’t afford wasting any of that precious time replacing light fixtures that need to adapt and fit new demands of your business. The process should be efficient and simple to customize your fixtures. Modular Connectivity allows you to customize your fixtures without all the wasted time. Here’s how:

1) Change the wattage of your fixture from your computer.
When you invest in a fixture with a plug and play motion connector you can simply plug in a programming kit to your fixture and adjust the wattage from your computer. No need to waste time planning to buy a completely new fixture.

2) Easily plug in a motion sensor to your fixture.
Adding a LED motion sensor is a common solution to problems such as security and energy efficiency. When you invest in a fixture with modular connectivity, a motion sensor can seamlessly and easily plug into place to provide these added benefits. Don’t even think about having to reinstall a completely new fixture. No wasted time or electrician needed.

3) Have the wrong plug for your fixture?
No need to panic. If you have a fixture with modular connectivity, you are able to ship your power cords back to your manufacturer and receive the correct cords for your facility’s receptacles. Don’t waste time researching new cords. Just send them back and move on with your day.

4) Reuse Your Wago 4 poles connector on your existing fixtures.
No need to waste time ordering new power cords if your have a customizable fixture. Just reuse your old Wago plugs from your past fixtures and you’ll be up and running in no time.